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“The Spirituality of Age”
A Conversation with the Co-Authors

Empowering Boomers to view aging as a spiritual path, this indispensable guide affirms that it is by engaging with the difficult questions about loss, meaning, and mortality–questions we can no longer put off or ignore–that we not only learn to cope but to live life to the full.

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We appreciate that you have come to visit the Spirituality of Age blog and sincerely hope you’ll take this leap of faith as together we explore and converse about what it means to live aging as a spiritual path.

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Questions! Questions! Question! Are there any answers?

All of us want the want THE ANSWER to OUR QUESTION! Essentially, our questions reduce to “What is the meaning and purpose of life?”To that question I do not have, nor does anyone have, a “one-size-fits-all” answer. Each individual must strive to work out his/her answer(s) to his/her question(s). In our book, The Spirituality of […]

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A dear friend of many years recently sent me an email with an attachment that he described in the following way: “Just an example of the sort of thing I do when I have too much time on my hands.” The content of the attachment follows. I hope it inspires you as it did me. An […]

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Sage-ing International Conference Blog: Too Much Reality: First-Hand Research into Aging as Spiritual Opportunity

On Saturday, October 22, 2016 Carol Orsborn and I keynoted at the Sage-ing International Conference, “Wisdom and Spirit in Action,” in Loveland Colorado. We presented “The Spirituality of Age: A Dialogue by and for Seekers.” Prior to the conference I posted a blog on the conference website. Here is the LINK. To read the blog, “Too […]

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Shedding Light on Ageism by Richard B. Griffin.

The following article appeared recently in Wicked Local Cambridge and was written by a dear friend, Richard Griffin. See other articles on aging and spirituality by Richard Griffin on his website. Click the following link: Richard Griffin Growing Older column: Shedding light on ageism By Richard Griffin Posted Jun. 11, 2016 at 12:33 PM About 30 years […]

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INFO BLOG: The Spirituality of Age . . . on Carol Orsborn’s Digest, Fierce with Age

Subscribers and friends: My Coauthor Carol Orsborn celebrates our Gold Nautilus Award and more in the special June edition of Fierce with Age: The Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality. Get it by clicking Fierce with Age.

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Dazzled by Life: Life-Affirming Grief in the Face of Death

A recent article about Laurie Anderson is worth a read. “Life-affirming grief” appeared in the “People” section of The Week, May 20, 2016, Vol. 16, Issue 771, p. 10. Laurie Anderson is still in mourning. . . The musician’s husband, Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed, died of liver disease two and a half years ago, at […]

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Wise Words from Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

If only we would take to heart these words of Richard Rohr, we could live our lives much more freely and fully. “There is nothing to prove and nothing to protect. I am what I am and it’s enough.” For more wisdom from Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest in Albuquerque, New Mexico, visit his […]

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FYI – William James College CE Course: Spirituality, Mental Health and Clinical Practice

For those interested in the relationship of spirituality to mental health and clinical practice, this continuing education conference may be of interest to you, “Spirituality, Mental Health and Clinical Practice.” For those interested in spirituality of age, one presenter, Dr. Harold Koenig, the Director of the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health at the Duke University Medical Center, […]

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Enjoy the Wisdom of Rita Moreno’s 2016 Commencement Address to the Graduates of Boston’s Berklee College of Music

On Saturday, May 8, 2016 my wife and I attended the Berklee College of Music’s graduation to honor Jake, the son of a dear friend from graduate school. It was a joyful occasion, celebrating those who were receiving their degrees and commencing their post-college lives. The commencement address was given by Rita Moreno, an EGOT […]

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Book Review of The Spirituality of Age on the Facing North Website

The Spirituality of Age: A Seeker’s Guide to Growing Older Written by Lisa Mc Sherry Link to the website, click here Facing North Published: 14 May 2016 There are many challenges to growing older. Aside from the obvious physical aspects of a slowing metabolism, losing muscle and physical coordination, and brain damage there are the challenges […]

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